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In My Suitcase


1. A Small Planner

  • I love being organized and a planner helps me keep track of holidays, birthdays and important dates. I always have one that is small so that it doesn’t take up too much room and I can keep it in my purse.

2. A straw hat from Goodwill, my mom’s blue one-piece from the 80’s, a white skirt via Goodwill and my tan United Colors of Benetton bag

Miami. Florida

  • Swimsuits are always a must on the boat. By adding a skirt over a one piece it creates a tasteful way to wear your swimwear out in public.
  • Matt and I try to be somewhat conscientious of how much sun we get since we are always outside, so a hat and pair of big sunglasses help prevent from getting so much sun on my face.
  • When I’m traveling I always like to have a fairly large purse so my tan, leather United Colors of Benetton purse is perfect because I can keep everything in it and it matches with almost everything.

3. OPI Nail Polish in Malaysian Mist

4. A black jacket from my grandmother; a sleeveless, striped top from J. Crew; a black, quilted shoulder bag from my mom and jeans from Target

SCAD Art Museum. Savannah. Georgia

  •  The temperature on the boat is typically on the warmer side but I have a few (very few!) items that I keep on the boat just in case I get cold. Jeans and a black jacket are staple items that I have just in case we hit any colder areas.

5. A pink, long sleeve, Ralph Lauren polo shirt; black shorts from The Limited and Lilly Pulitzer flip flops

Green Turtle Club. Abacos. Bahamas

  • When people hear that you live on a boat, they often expect for you to look like some kind of unkempt mess. While I may not have access to a hair dryer and my mirror is the same size as a dinner plate, I still feel like I should put my best foot forward when it comes to appearance. My goal is to change people’s perspectives of cruisers and live aboards. Just because we live on boats, some of us take pride in how we present ourselves to the world. The only way to change people’s minds about their assumptions is to change their perspectives.
  • We all know that black is a classic color (i.e. the little black dress). I love wearing black shorts because it gives off a more put together look rather than denim and I can wear them with almost anything. When it comes to brand preference my favorite shorts are from The Limited. They fit perfectly and aren’t too short.
  • I’ve found that Lilly Pulitzer really has a very durable leather flip flop. The style I stick to is the “McKim”. They are comfortable when walking long distances and they don’t get messed up if they get wet (and on a boat your shoes will always get wet).

6. Blue and white dress from Urban Outfitters

Manarola. Cinque Terre. Italy

  • If you ask anyone who knows me, I love dresses! I bought this blue dress with white piping a few years ago from Urban Outfitters. It is such a great travel dress because it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve taken this dress everywhere with me, from Cinque Terre, Italy to the Abacos, Bahamas.

7. Black, quilted leather purse from my mom and gold frame aviators from Marshalls

  • My black, quilted leather purse from my mom is perfect for exploring around town. It’s small and compact and doesn’t weigh down on my shoulders.
  • Gold frame aviators always look great. Ray Bans are a popular choice when it comes to shades, but on a boat an expensive pair of sunglasses can become a quick heartbreak. It’s too easy to drop them in the water or have saltwater ruin them, so I tend to stick to cheap shades from Marshalls or T.J. Maxx.

8. Daniel Cremieux Print Dress

First Class Flying: Washington D.C. to Orlando. Florida

  • This dress is absolutely fantastic for travel. It’s comfortable while still looking “dressy”. I can move around easily in it and it makes going through airport security a breeze. I love wearing some emerald green and gold antique earrings and a matching J. Crew bracelet with it.

9. Valentino Shirt

At Sea In The City: New York. New York

  • I inherited this Valentino shirt from my aunt and I bring it with me everywhere. From Europe to the Caribbean, this is by far one of my favorite shirts. I use it as both a shirt and a coverup depending on where I am. The light fabric with its eyelet pattern makes it a great choice for a hot day.

10. Hammocks and High Tea Makeup Bag

  • My Hammocks and High Tea makeup bag has bee a travel necessity. I keep everything from makeup and perfume to my toothbrush in here. It’s the perfect size to fit everything I need and with no structural support, I can toss it into any bag and know that it will fit. With its cute pattern and gold zipper, it might just be one of my favorite items that I travel with!

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  1. melissa / Nov 13 2012 6:39 am

    hammocks and high tea products are the best! and what a delightful discovery to find your adventure on the interwebs! i cannot wait to follow along…

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