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August 21, 2011 / M.E.

The Things You Miss…

Living on a boat you have to learn to live without. It’s a bittersweet situation. I sometimes miss the feeling of carpet underneath my feet, the A/C in the sweltering summer heat and a freezer for deliciously cold ice cream on hot days.

Another thing that I miss is my lovable and carefree Golden Retriever, Kingston. This little pup enjoys reggae music and is an expert in fetching tennis balls. He makes friends often by shaking hands with perfect strangers and is very curious about all creatures that are smaller than him.

Kingston as a puppy.

However, having so little space for even ourselves makes it impossible for us to have an energetic, crazy dog on board the boat. As much as I miss Kingston, I know he is better off chasing squirrels around my parents’ backyard than being cooped up with nowhere to run or play.

Kingston is definitely a love in my life but I have to do what is best for him.I do miss him often though…

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