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August 27, 2011 / M.E.

Surf After The Storm

While Irene didn’t hit us, we’ve had a lot of her wind and rain. The rain was unfortunate for those of us who got soaked this morning while trying to run down the dock to go to work, while the rest of the live aboards got to sleep in to a rainy morning. The wind, however, was a gift from Mother Nature, bringing in some of the year’s biggest waves…for now.

I met up with Matt and our neighbors Adrian and Joe at the beach after work. I enjoyed relaxing on the beach while the guys attempted to paddle out.

The sunlight was slipping in and out through the clouds casting a golden light on everything.

The waves were rushing in creating frothy foam along the beach.

While the surf in St. Augustine may not be as impressive as other places in the country, hurricanes and tropical storms can bring in waves that aren’t just a good ride but are sometimes the best ride you can have all year. Double overheard today…even a hurricane can have some perks.

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