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September 9, 2011 / M.E.

Cargo Container Cabana

While working on the boat for a little bit this morning, Matt asked me if I wanted to go on a quick adventure. Of course I agreed, partially for the excitement of a surprise and partially to escape having to do more work. After chores, we left the marina and headed out to the unknown destination. I was psyched wondering where we were going to end up.

We arrived at an empty parking lot with only a handful of cars and a large cargo container. However, this cargo container was no ordinary cargo container, it had been made into a makeshift house! Complete with a bathroom, kitchen, built-in bookshelf, front porch, office and living area, I could have moved in right away had I wanted to!

Cargo Container Living

Cargo Container Kitchen

Cargo Container Bathroom

Cargo Container Office Space

The container was a project that was sparked by the Flagler College group, Students in Free Enterprise, in an effort to recycle containers while coming up with a solution for providing affordable housing for St. Augustine’s large homeless population. The idea has been present for a long time, with entire communities being built from cargo containers in cities such as London and Amsterdam. It’s an innovative method to creating affordable housing while being sustainable at the same time. Another great adventure and learning experience as well!

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