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June 12, 2012 / M.E.

South Carolina to North Carolina

Slow and easy couple of days spent sailing up the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway).  I’ve been spending much of my time reading, napping, pulling in the jib and helping to steer the boat.

On Saturday, we spotted some boaters, who were petting a dolphin! I guess they had been fishing and the dolphin decided that he was hungry so he popped up to see what there was to eat. The boaters were feeding him some bait fish and the dolphin, in turn, was letting them pet him!

We saw a deer along the waterside on Sunday. This was a highlight for me, as fawns are my favorite animal. I asked Matt if I could swim over and grab him and keep him on the boat as a pet. He didn’t think the little deer would like to live on a boat, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if he did!

Monday morning was somewhat overcast, so I made hot tea for breakfast. Books and hot tea are a perfect solution to a gloomy day!

We arrived in North Carolina and made our way up to Wrightsville Beach, a small little surfing town on the coast. Along the way, we went past lots of fishermen and people along the shore searching for clams.

We made it to Wrightsville Beach with enough time to go to the beach and check out the waves. I’m excited to see what kind of adventures will emerge during our stay here!

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