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December 17, 2012 / M.E.

Fondren Muse. Jackson. Mississippi


Jackson, Mississippi’s historic, commercial district known as Fondren, has a new addition to its neighborhood of businesses. Fondren Muse, a designer consignment boutique, offers a unique shopping experience which incorporates high fashion and charitable giving.


Fondren Muse’s Vintage Collection

The owner of Fondren Muse, Mary Amelia Mcree-Wofford, a gorgeous blonde with Mississippi’s signature Southern charm, has combined her eye for fashion, concern for the enviornment and passion for animals into one fluid entity through her boutique.

From an early age, Mary Amelia was  concerned about the enviornment and understood the importance of recycling. That concern partnered with her love for animals and fashion fostered her concept of designer consignment that encourages consignors to donate to the local no-kill animal shelter, CARA. “I’ve always been crazy about recycling.  I think it’s so important. So why not recycle great fashion?”, she says. “In the case of Fondren Muse, having clients consign is also a way to get people involved in supporting a great local organization.”


All Smiles From Mary Amelia Mcree-Wofford and Fondren Muse Employees

There is no denying that Fondren Muse has an incredible selection of designer clothing. When asked to name some of the labels that fill the racks, Mary Amelia responded, “We have Chanel, Ferragamo, Fendi, Gucci, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Prada, St. John, Missoni, Oscar De La Renta, Burberry, Furla, Versace, Valentino and the list goes on”. With so many incredible options to choose from, I was interested to know what the most noteworthy item to come into the store has been? “It’s probably a tie between this amazing, Chanel tweed jacket and another tan, suede Ferragamo jacket. And since I’ve been saying this, let me throw in that I just had a gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin pumps come in today!”, says Mary Amelia.


Chanel Tweed Jacket

Fondren Muse also has a “dry goods” retail section that showcases American made products. The section includes candles made in Starkville, Mississippi; Southwestern style wallets, pillows, cosmetic bags and more by Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon; handmade wooden sunglasses by Shwood in Oregon and lighting and furniture by Worlds Away in Memphis, Tennessee.

Fondren Muse

Fondren Muse’s Dry Goods Section

So what is the process for those interested in consigning clothes? “We give consignors of apparel a 50/50 split and consignors of their own art/creations a 40/60 split. All consignors have the option to donate a portion of their 50% split to our local no-kill animal shelter, CARA, hence ‘Fondren Muse- Designer Consignment for CARA’. Consignors can pick up (or request mailed) checks at any time.  They can also use any balance toward shopping in the store.”, says Mary Amelia.

As the new year approaches, Mary Amelia shares her goals for the store and the forth-coming year. “I hope that the store in some way inspires a lifestyle, if you will, of recycling: clean, green and sustainable living, of casual elegance, giving back and being an individual.  A huge goal for me in the next few months is to launch my e-commerce site.  I think we would really be able to raise a substantial amount of money for CARA once we ‘go global’.”, she says.

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