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June 7, 2012 / M.E.

Charleston. South Carolina

Today was a glorious day spent walking around Charleston. While the city provides free transportation to its residents and visitors via a trolley system, we decided that we needed to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather. We walked around the College of Charleston’s campus, down King Street, around Marion Square, down by the market and waterfront. We even went past Mary Street and Elizabeth Street.

 I love the old homes  in Charleston with their intricate architectural details. There is something so wonderful about a Southern home with a big spacious porch and Charleston has plenty of these. I also really enjoyed relaxing in the Charleston Waterfront Park with its lush, green grass, where children spent the afternoon playing  in the fountains while the adults lounged around under the shade of a palm in the afternoon sun. There’s nothing more refreshing than coming home from a long walk after exploring a city!

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