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July 10, 2012 / M.E.

Williamsburg. Virginia

We left Jamestown and headed for Colonial Williamsburg. While we loved seeing the moss covered roofs, the sheep and cows grazing in the fields and white picket fences surrounding colonial homes; Matt and I both felt that the sight was definitely geared more towards tourists. As we walked around, people dressed up in costume gave tours and sold goods along the road. We even joked at one point that we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cart vendor around selling turkey legs to hungry visitors. It isn’t that we didn’t like Williamsburg, only that it felt more like a theme park than an actual historical sight.

We decided to grab lunch at the closest restaurant which happened to be The Cheese Shop, a cute grocery that sells gourmet goods, cheeses and sandwiches.

Matt and I enjoyed wonderful sandwiches, which were very reasonably priced, and had a picnic lunch under a tree along one of the lanes.

When we finished our picnic lunch, we decided to take a look at one of the gardens. The gardens were my favorite part of Williamsburg because they had practically every plant you could think of growing. Beautiful flowers blossomed out of artichokes, enormous sunflowers hung down above our heads and various herbs grew in little pots under a tent, while a man dressed as a colonial farmer hoed a portion of the garden.

Artichoke Flower

We enjoyed the sights and smells of the garden for awhile before we decided it was time to head back towards Yorktown. We had enjoyed a busy day full of exploring and we were ready to get back to the boat and relax!

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